Gatsby Speakeasy - March 04, 2017 - Canadian Cancer Society Fundraiser - Cranbrook

This year I was so very pleased to be involved with the Canadian Cancer Fundraiser's 2nd Speakeasy fundraiser.  Lots of fun was had, many people came together all to help out a great society.   Ken from Bridge Interiors graciously invited us all to his store and Lona Williams of Gatsby Mortgages joined to host this glorious event.  Dean Archibald and his band kept the party rocking till late in the morning ( I left around 2:30am and they were just setting up their 4th set).  


One company that is new to the community came forth to help provide the food for the event - Sage and Savor.  A chef and his wife from Calgary, whose food was the talk of the evening.  All I can say is it was mouthwatering and so full of desire for the palate.  Stephen & Joanna are a perfect pairing for their amazing food - from their opening appetizer of Bruschetta to Prosciutto wrapped dates to their little cheese & thyme biscuits topped with a cheese and thinly sliced salmon - all I can say what a great new fresh addition for food to the Kootenays.    If you are needing someone to cater an event or a wedding check them out -  

2016 - Christmas Mini Sessions

It's that time of the year where we are looking forward to the love of our friends and family.  Time to celebrate our littles with the mini sessions, plus these sessions can be great heirloom gifts for your other family members.  To book or more information go to my contact page and get a hold of me.  Nov 26 is fast booking up and the other days will go fast too. only 6 sessions per day available

Nov 1 & 2 2016 - Discount for Wedding Day packages

It's my 8th Wedding Anniversary today and I want to celebrate by passing on a discount - November 1st and 2nd only. Save 15% off any package valued at $2600 or more. Deposit must be paid to receive this discount and to save your date. For more information please message call or email -

Kootenay Best of Business - GOLD

I opened my email today to find out that KJubinville Photography received Gold for Kootenay Best of Business.  It filled my heart so much, as it was you - my fans, client and everyone who enjoy my work.  Thank you all so much for nominating me!!

Springtime for Families

This beautiful family in my new favourite spot to photograph people.. I just love when people come back to me to rephotograph them... Oliver and his mom were with me at the Christmas Minis too.  I love seeing the littles grow up :)

Grow With Me - Jaxen - 6 months

This little love bug is just 6 months old and learning how to sit all on his own.  He just had his first of three sessions that will document his first couple years of growing, and I already know he is going to grow into such a lady killer :)

Family Photosessions - What & What not to Wear!!

Do you know how important it is to prepare for your family session?? What you wear and how you prepare can either make or break your session... SERIOUSLY!!

The following will really help you when deciding what to wear or not wear.


  • Have either a fresh coat of nail polish on your nails that coordinates with your outfit or don’t have any nail polish on at all.  You don’t want chipped nail polish.
  • Wear makeup even if you don’t normally.  If you don’t usually wear makeup, use a tinted moisturizer and mascara.  This will help even your skin tone and make your eyes pop a little bit.  If you do normally wear makeup, I suggest going to your salon and getting professional makeup and hair done.  It’s so fun to pamper yourself and know you will look even more amazing!  For children and dads, they get off easy! 
  • Make sure hair is done.  If family members need a cut, do it a week before your session.  That way you have time to get used to it and working with it.


  • Wear a bright bra.  I always tell clients to wear a nude color bra and be sure it’s strapless if they are wearing spaghetti straps or any clothing where their bra straps can be seen.
  • Don’t show up with chipped nail polish. I know that was mentioned in the DO’s, it’s just that important!
  • Bring along makeup for touch ups.  Also bring your brush and hairspray just in case!
  • Don’t wear characters on clothing.  Or logos.  Or anything splashed all over the clothing that detracts from your family.  This means no Dora, no Nike swoosh sign across a shirt and no light up shoes.  Those are best kept at home, not worn to family photos.
  • Wait until the last minute to put together your clothes.  Trust me on this one, I’ve done it and it didn’t turn out well!  I made horrible choices on a couple of shirts I ran out to buy and I was so unhappy with the pictures.  Not because of the photographer, but because the fit of the shirt on me added 100 pounds. Not good.

Well after all of that, I will be ready to photograph you and your family.

Talk to you soon,


Spring is in the air!

It is getting so much warmer out there,

and Easter is just around the corner,

so I am offering mini sessions to celebrate Spring!!


Two dates

March 19th and March 26th

to book your 20 minute mini session.

 For more information go over to the contact tab and send me a message.

Apres the Bridal Fair

When people join in an event, fun only happens.

These are some of the pictures of the fashion show that happened.