Family Photosessions - What & What not to Wear!!

Do you know how important it is to prepare for your family session?? What you wear and how you prepare can either make or break your session... SERIOUSLY!!

The following will really help you when deciding what to wear or not wear.


  • Have either a fresh coat of nail polish on your nails that coordinates with your outfit or don’t have any nail polish on at all.  You don’t want chipped nail polish.
  • Wear makeup even if you don’t normally.  If you don’t usually wear makeup, use a tinted moisturizer and mascara.  This will help even your skin tone and make your eyes pop a little bit.  If you do normally wear makeup, I suggest going to your salon and getting professional makeup and hair done.  It’s so fun to pamper yourself and know you will look even more amazing!  For children and dads, they get off easy! 
  • Make sure hair is done.  If family members need a cut, do it a week before your session.  That way you have time to get used to it and working with it.


  • Wear a bright bra.  I always tell clients to wear a nude color bra and be sure it’s strapless if they are wearing spaghetti straps or any clothing where their bra straps can be seen.
  • Don’t show up with chipped nail polish. I know that was mentioned in the DO’s, it’s just that important!
  • Bring along makeup for touch ups.  Also bring your brush and hairspray just in case!
  • Don’t wear characters on clothing.  Or logos.  Or anything splashed all over the clothing that detracts from your family.  This means no Dora, no Nike swoosh sign across a shirt and no light up shoes.  Those are best kept at home, not worn to family photos.
  • Wait until the last minute to put together your clothes.  Trust me on this one, I’ve done it and it didn’t turn out well!  I made horrible choices on a couple of shirts I ran out to buy and I was so unhappy with the pictures.  Not because of the photographer, but because the fit of the shirt on me added 100 pounds. Not good.

Well after all of that, I will be ready to photograph you and your family.

Talk to you soon,