2016 - Christmas Mini Sessions

It's that time of the year where we are looking forward to the love of our friends and family.  Time to celebrate our littles with the mini sessions, plus these sessions can be great heirloom gifts for your other family members.  To book or more information go to my contact page and get a hold of me.  Nov 26 is fast booking up and the other days will go fast too. only 6 sessions per day available

Grow With Me - Jaxen - 6 months

This little love bug is just 6 months old and learning how to sit all on his own.  He just had his first of three sessions that will document his first couple years of growing, and I already know he is going to grow into such a lady killer :)

2015 in review

I want to thank everyone who graced my doors this year and allowed me to photograph them;  it was such a great time.  Below are just a sample from each of the sessions - I cannot wait to photograph you all again soon... and for those who have yet to be photographed by me, I cant wait to see you in my camera soon....



Pregnancy & Babies...

Valentine's Day is over...  Love is in the air... 

A month goes by and surprise, congratulations, you are pregnant!   

It is an amazing time in your life and the months will fly by.  It is now a great time to start thinking about finding your photographer to capture this ultimate amazing time in your life, but you don't really know when the best time is.  That is why you are here... 



When you book your maternity session it is good to remember that your pregnancy photos will look their utmost best when your baby belly is as full and round as you can get it.  This means your session will be best taken when you are as close to full term (37 weeks) as possible.



Now your precious child has arrived... The best time to get those adorable sleepy photos is within their first eleven days of being.  (Please remember that this doesn't guarantee thos poses).  Why in the first eleven days?  Because they are the most soft and sleepy & plus they will never be this little again.


I want you to have images that are not just on your phone, I want you to have albums, canvases framed images that you can display throughout your home.  I want you to be the artwork of your walls!  I want you and your children to be able to look at those images and see where they once come from - I want to provide you with your Heirlooms and be your Heirloom Photographer 

Kristin Jubinville - KJubinville Photography


"Sometimes you don't know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

- Dr. Seuss